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Chapter 7 
                             Awards and More Awards 

     The lower level of Gabby's ranch home in Gilbertsville is a tribute to the 
  many things he has done and the people he has met.  Certificates, plaques, tro- 
  phies, and photographs line the shelves and walls. 
     If you asked him to choose one which means the most, it would probably be 
  the Governor's Award trophy which he received on October 15, 1975 in Her- 
  shey, Pennsylvania, making him "Mr. Aviation of Pennsylvania". This is the 
  highest private honor in Pennsylvania aviation, given for outstanding service 
  and accomplisment in the field of aviation.  It is presented each year at the 
  Aviation Council of Pennsylvania's annual banquet. 

  Mr. Aviation of Pennsylvania 

  Amy Renninger heard the news a few days before the banquet, but she was 
  sworn to secrecy, as were his friends in the Pottstown Aircraft Owners and Pi- 
  lots club.  Amy had a tough time convincing her husband to dress up for the trip 
  to Hershey.  Gabby was detemined to wear his brown suit because "I won't be 
  speaking or anything." Amy insisted he wear his new checkered sport jacket, a 
  white shirt, and a new tie selected to be worn with the jacket. 
  Gabby entered the Hershey Convention Center, having absolutely no notion 
  that he was the person being honored.  He picked up a few luncheon programs 
  and stuffed them in his pocket without looking at them.  Had he done so he 
  would have seen his photograph and the amouncement. 
 Just a few minutes before the program began, a woman attending the lunch- 
  eon walked up to him and offered congratulations.  But Gabby was still stunned 
  when the official announcement was made.  For perhaps the first time in his life 
  this man of many words was speechless. 
 In the audience were at least 275 people, fellow aviation enthusiasts, Com- 
  cil officials, pilots, special guests, the officers of the Pottstown club, and the 
  late Pottstown Mayor Ed Jamison.  They rose as one person in a standing ova- 
  tion when Aviation Comcil President Wilfred M. Post Jr. announced that Alvin 
  "Gabby" Renninger was the 1975 recipient of the Govemor's Award, Follow- 
  ing the presentation a representative of Pennsylvania Govenor Shapp read a 
  congratulatory message from the Govenor. 
 Gabby could hardly wait to get home and show the beautiful trophy to 
  Amy.  He greeted her with a big kiss. 
 Earlier, in October 21, 1966, Gabby had been honored by the Aviation 
  Council of Pennsylvania with the Distinguished Aviation Citizen Award.  This 
  impressive plaque was presented at a luncheon in Willamsport. 
 Another signficant honor was the presentation of a plaque on March 29, 
  1990 by the national AOPA, reading: