Pottstown Aircraft Owners and Pilots, Inc.
                                   Breakfast Fly-out September 20, 1998

           Destination:       Old Rhinebeck Airdrome (Fly to Sky Park, Red Hook, NY-46N)

           Meet at Roost:     0900

           ETA at 46N:        1100

           Distance PTW-46N:  130 mn

           It's the home of an incredible collection of World War I and pre-World War I aircraft, many
           of which still fly on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Yes, PAOP is going to Old Rhinebeck
           Airdrome and Museum.  Since only the bold and foolish (and invited) actually fly into O.R.,
           we will fly to Sky Park and cab (van?) from there.  The museum will be open when we
           arrive.  At 1400 there is a two hour air show featuring the ancient craft, along with some
           melodramatic foolishness featuring Sir Percy Goodfellow and the evil Black Baron of

           Bring a picnic lunch there are facilities, or buy lunch there.  Admission to the museum is $5
           for adults ($2 age 6 through 10).  For $10 ($ for kids) you get admission and the show.  If
           we have 15 or more, we get a 10% discount and a private tour.  Figure on a ramp fee
           (maybe $10, not sure), and about $3.50 each way for ground transport.

           If you need a ride or if you will have extra seats in your plane, contact Gene Poppel at 610-
           647-1332 (e-mail genepoppel@juno.com). This is the trip you've been wanting and waiting
           for.  Lets have PAOP invade Old Rhinebeck in force and in style (buy a PAOP T-shirt).

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