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Pottstown Aircraft Owners And Pilots

Originated February 26, 1948 
Incorporated January 15, 1960


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  • July 14, Sunday - Time 4:30PM - Date Night / Flyout to Cape May, NJ (KWWD) for an outstanding seafood restaurant.
    Please contact Gene Poppel at genepoppel@comcast.net or 610-647-1332 if you need a ride or have open seats in your aircraft.
  • August 1, Thursday - 6:00PM - Dinner meeting at the Roost. Pulled pork dinner for $10 with corn on the cob, other sides and dessert. Best deal in town. Members are encouraged to bring a side, appetizer or dessert.
    Vote about the new PAOP flying club and the Constitution and By-Law changes. RSVP for dinner with Gene Poppel by prior Tuesday at genepoppel@comcast.net or 610-647-1332.
  • August 1, Thursday - 8:00PM - Board meeting at the Roost combined with the general meeting.
    Make a difference in Pottstown aviation. All are invited.
  • August 4, Sunday - 8AM-11AM - Meet and Greet Breakfast at the Roost. Flapjacks, meat, eggs and beverages for $9. Come meet local pilots and share your aviation adventure.
    No RSVP needed.
  • September 8, Sunday - 8AM-Noon - Annual Drive-in Fly-in Breakfast at the Roost. Fluffy Flapjacks, sizzling ham, fresh eggs and beverages for $8. Come meet local pilots and share your aviation curiousity.
    No RSVP needed.

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