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Pottstown Aircraft Owners And Pilots

Originated February 26, 1948 
Incorporated January 15, 1960


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  • July 28 - 6PM. General meeting at the Roost. Steak, sides and dessert for $15. Or arrive at 7:30 for our program.

    A G E N D A
    6:00 Dinner
    7:30 Program, RAF(Recreational Aviation Foundation)-Al Corden

    RSVP Gene Poppel at 610-647-1332 or genepoppel@comcast.net by Tuesday, July 26.
  • July 31 - 10:30AM. Flyout to Kentmoor for crabs. Contact Gene Poppel at 610-647-1332 or genepoppel@comcast.net
  • August 8 - 7PM. PAOP Board meeting at the Roost. All are invited to participate in planning our exciting PAOP 2016 activities. Contact Tim Drager at tdrager@yahoo.com or 484-999-0060.
  • August 10-14 - 6PM. Gyro / Home Built Fly-in.
    You are invited to participate in the 10th annual gyrocopter/ home built flyin/campin being held at Heritage Field KPTW on August 10 to the 14th. Bring your home built and join the fun. Activities include breakfast fly outs weather permitting, flights to local airports,pizza night, dinners with the gang at local restaurants, camping fun ( a 10 dollar charge is requested as a donation to the PAOP per night) and a Friday night picnic with entertainment by a local entertainer. Also lots of hanger flying and a chance to meet the some of the nicest people on planet Earth. So treat yourself and family to a great time. Reservations are requested but not necessary. Call Deb Boyer @ 610-823-4307 for reservations or more information.
  • August 12, Friday - 6PM. Picnic at the Roost, hosted by Larry Boyer and the Gyrocopter Fly-in. LIVE BAND. RSVP Gene Poppel at 610-647-1332 or genepoppel@comcast.net by Tuesday, August 9.
  • September 10 - 9AM-Noon. Clean up and set up day for the Annual Fly-In/Drive-In Breakfast. Lunch and beverages. For questions, contact Tim Drager at 484-999-0060 or tdrager@yahoo.com
  • September 11 - 8AM-Noon. Annual Fly-In/Drive-In Breakfast. Watch for signs.

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